we are mikaela and emily. we are currently in first year of University! In grade 11 we had made a list of 100 things that we want to do before we graduate University. We have to cross off everything on our list. we also made a YouTube account to add the videos to: http://www.youtube.com/user/emilyandmikaela1?feature=mhum

1. talk to t and/or a [XX]
2. kiss someone from sta [XX]
3. party until 4am[XX]
4. taboozing [XX]
5. get high [XX]
6. drink in another continent [XX]
7. streak [X]
8. successfully play a game of COD [XX]
9. go egging [X]
10. tell someone how you feel about them [XX]
11. punch a bitch
12. ask a random out
13. be two places at once
14. spend 12 hours on a couch
15. play hide and seek at school
16. give awkward compliments to strangers
17. send a message in a bottle
18. go on a blind date
19. have a harry potter movie marathon
20. get a piercing[XX]
21. stay up for 48 hours
22. moon someone in public [XX]
23. declare at a party that you really need to poo
24. write a fake love letter to someone and put it in their locker [XX]
25. at a dance, dance with someone like you’re at a ball [XX]
26. spend a night outside [XX]
27. go to a bush bash
28. dine and dash
29. have a food fight
30. paint our bodies, then go into public for at least an hour
31. eat a whole pizza each in one sitting [XX]
32. ride front row of the Behemoth
33. crowd surf
34. rent a hotel room with friends
35. go camping[X]
36. take pictures with randoms[XX]
37. tan in a strangers backyard
38. build a massive fort
39. daytime drunk [XX]
40. go to mcdonalds and order a happy meal with extra happy
41. multiple movie day for the price of one
42. get fake id's [X]
43. go to a club [XX]
44. go up the down escalator [XX]
45. have a sleepover with a guy[XX]
46. sneak out together
47. write complaint letters to places we’ve never bought anything from to try to get free stuff
48. at a red light get out and dance on the street
49. sing a well known song in a store trying to get people to join in
50. stare at the ceiling and see how many people will look up
51. write our names on every hotel wall we go to in europe [XX]
52. dress up like guys and walk around the mall
53. real chocolate milk challenge
54. straight up tell someone to fuck off
55. go on the dropzone[XX]
56. have sex[X]
57. disable facebook for a week
58. go to New York for new years
59. wear no makeup to school [XX]
60. smash mikaelas phone
61. throw a party[X]
62. sneak ontop of a building
63. skip class [XX]
64. go to a third-world country
65. kiss a boy in the rain[X]
66. sing karaoke in public place
67. follow a stranger around for ten minutes[XX]
68. each get a pair of guys boxers from their house [X]
69. give your number to a middle aged man
70. skinny dip at the beach [XX]
71. meet someone famous [XX]
72. have a new years kiss[XX[
73. go matress sliding
74. Chocolate milk challenge - you have 5min to drink a litre of milk- if you puke you lose [XX]
75. get emily a cell phone [XX]
76. get a boyfriend [X]
77. skinny dip [X]
78. dont eat any junk food for a whole week
79. call the 5 "L's" [XX]
80. make out with the people we like [XX]
81. buy condoms at shoppers
82. skip a day of school to do things off the list
83. eat a whole watermelon with a spoon
84. buy a fish eye lens
85. get a famous person's number[XX]


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